1.5 Million INvestment - 25% equity - 70% is collateral
Posted by: Christopher Jones on 4/7/2017 7:46:00 PM
Funding Needed:
Location :
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I am looking for an investor who can invest 1.5 million in exchange for 1.5 million you will have $600,000 of investment as collateral backed by location property (which 600,000 of investment purchases). Another 30k in surveys done on property to be able to support the collateral in worst case scenario. Around 400,000 of the funds is going to equipment and supplies which goes back to being able to be used as collateral in worst case scenario as well as some other items paid for with funds will help to secure worst case scenario. While expected returns are in the upwards of 14x investment on a 10 year term.

This focuses on high market potential with great public relations and connections to mass distribution and sales.
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