18-month old startup looking for capital injection for a new revolutionary product
Posted by: Andrew Chang on 4/25/2017 8:41:52 PM
Funding Needed:
$500k - $1mil
Agriculture & Fishery
Location :
Taipei, China
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My company is an 18-month old startup based in Taipei, Taiwan. I have extensive business network and channel relationships in Greater China and Southeast Asia, as well as Europe. Personally, I am an entrepreneur from Singapore but have stayed in Taiwan and China for the past decade.

I am looking for a working capital loan for investment in a new product. The amount that I need is around USD 1 million for a period of 3 to 5 years. The minimum returns based on conservative projection for your capital injection is at least 100% to 150%. You will get back at least double your amount invested, that's my guarantee. We can negotiate on half-yearly or annual payout of returns on your cash injection/investment.

This new product was developed in Japan and will be manufactured there. It has taken 6 to 7 years with partial research grants from the Japanese government to finally reach its current status and ready to go-to-market on a global scale.

It is a revolutionary, fully-natural and first-of-its-kind liquid supplement that can revitalize barren land, murky waters and ecosystem. To maximize profits, we earmark discarded land and discarded breeding pools to work on initially. For fast economic returns, we are specially targeting on prawn/shrimp farming in stage 1. The survival rate is increased to 70%-80% with the size of the prawns at least 50% larger than those grown normally. The product is fully natural and organic.

I am in the midst of concluding final details and signing an exclusive contract with my counterparts in Japan which gives me 5 years of exclusive distribution rights worldwide for this product. The business model is geared towards direct partnership with breeding farms all over the world, be involved in growing and taking a cut of the harvest.

I need to scale up this business quickly worldwide. The yield of the seafood and food and vegetable products would all be organic and can be priced at a premium as the product is 100% natural and organic. This would increase profit margins for all stakeholders involved. I also have a ready network of buyers in Dubai and Japan for the shrimps/prawns that are harvested to ensure maximization of products. Down the road, I would also explore branding of the products with volume worldwide and B2C model for the produce harvested to increase margins.

Test reports are available for your reference upon request. Control pools and fields in Japan, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Vietnam have been carried out previously with excellent field results. Please let me know if you have additional terms or the documents/info that you would need from me. I can be contacted at anytime on my mobile +886 989230572 or my company email address
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