Creating Gadgets towards Virtual Reality
Posted by: Raymond . on 8/28/2015 7:04:10 AM
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$250k - $500k
Consumer Products & Services
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I have an idea of gaming which related to virtual reality. It consists of at least 7 modules to complete my FPS gaming design. Can also play in RPG and Strategy games, with a some configuration changes. I tried to build it but, there are some factors that I need to accomplish it. Like the time, the expert, and the money.
I submit my initial idea to Invention Company and even go to crowd funding to have extra cash to finish my prototype. But, never push thru. I did my further research on how to do it in other way. I found out that there is Lot of Prototyping Company that can make my design a much easier; also some of them offer an option to manufacture and export it to places like US, UK or anywhere else. Also there are freelance professional that could help me give advice and services in regards to management area. Now my only problem is Patents, I know patent is expensive and take time as well. My design consist of all modified gaming mouse, controller, keyboards, a treadmill, body gaming vest, a support rig and other supplement gadget. It takes a lot of money before will be ready for consumers. And I need this to protect my design, before going to next stage of my plan. To see Virtual Reality succeeds and become one of the important gadget in home and office. Like the telephone, PC and TV.
Virtual Reality is something I looking forward on it. I love gaming but as my progress in making my VR FPS Simulator goes on. I realize that there is more than just a gaming. I can’t make it by doing it myself. It must be done by a Company and strong support from Consumers as well. So,I came up a three stage of approach in accomplishing it. First is entry to market, get the attention by being affordable and simple product that would be interesting to most of people to buy for it. Second, improving my product by adding other newly innovated existing technology and new concept of software to benefits everybody to use as conveniently as possible and Lastly, create an advance prototype for more specialize sector like Medicine, Science, Military, Education, Cloud Computing or Space Exploration and so on. And I foresee the future of it. I like see the success of VR as same triumph as computer had gone thru. For PC as personal Computer compare to VR as PV (Personal Virtualizer).
My would be initial design to build is much cheaper, as compare to similar loadout as buying VR-HMD, Gun controller, a multi-directional treadmill etc.
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