Failed 1031 Alternative - Deferred Sales Trust
Posted by: Chris Cambridge on 5/5/2016 12:18:58 PM
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Real Estate and Other High Value Investments
If you are engaged or expecting to enter the 1031 process and see the constraints there is an alternative that will allow

your Capital Gains to be preserved. Many businesses and individuals are forced into a corner when it seems like they will

extend past the set timelines to find and close on replacement assets. This alternative eliminates such anxiety allowing

for better capital decisions.This capital gains tax deferral tool could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax

liability today if you have a failed 1031 exchange or simply haven't done any tax planning.
Generally a seller's options are
1. 1031 Exchange
2. Pay Taxes
3. They Just Don't Sell
4. Use our DST option

Ideally we are seeking to work with those businesses and individuals expecting gains in excess of $400,000.

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