Helping Your Business Grow with Financial Services
Posted by: Mark Yuen on 2/28/2017 9:21:35 PM
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Accounting & Financial Services
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Account Receivable Funding ( We pay 80% of the invoice amount up front / Domestic & International )
Purchase Order Funding ( We pau the factory 100 % of the cost of goods ).
Asset Based Lending ( We pay 75% of the value of your inventory )
Trade financing structured through a Letter Of Credit (You rent are Letter of Credit Facility)
Transportation Funding ( We give you a term loan based off the value of the vehicles you use in your business )
Transportation Account Receivable Funding ( Day & Weekly rates )
Equipment Leasing (3 – 5 year leases with a dollar buy back)
Production Funding (We fund material and the assembly of your product for pending orders)
Trade Lending (Construction, electricians, HVAC etc.)
Government Contractors ( We work with your assignment offer, “SAM”, and pay for all costs from buying goods and shipping )
Importers ( We love importers- PO,Trade financing, ABL / We put it all together for your clients).
Energy Service ( Consolidation of debt, leasing, transportation funding, ABL, Paid when paid )
Staffing ( 90 % advance)
Manufactures ( Small to large this is a preferred industry, ABL, AR, PO, Leasing, Transportation Funding ect.)
Distributors ( We factor international distributors )

Building a business through capitalization is what drives our economy each and every day. We'd love to help you achieve your dreams with our financial services! It's important with all our clients that every option is explored and we take the time to understand your business and what goals you've got in mind.

We'll use that information to help get you funded without having all the headaches of traditional lending.

No matter what the project, big or small, we're here to help. We've streamlined our process to make it fast and simple. From application to funding, every step was created with the business owner in mind. We understand that time is money and your time is valuable. Get started today by filling out one of our applications.

Helping Your Business Grow with Financial Services. We offer financing, working capital or financing to businesses. We are located in New York but help businesses all over the United States and beyond.

Simply put we're a group of like-minded individuals who enjoy helping our clients grow the businesses of their dreams every day. Navigating the waters of the financial world can get confusing even for the best of the best. We take pride in being our clients' top choice for assistance. We want to be your number-one source for all of your working capital needs.

Let us show you what we can do! There are enough solutions for any business. From managing accounts receivable to financing your growth, you can count on our capital specialists for a wide range of financial services. We also help businesses who need to fund payroll and purchase orders.

Find the Right Financing for Your Flow
Make sure you have the cash flow to do what you need to do with financing services from us. From acquisition financing to transportation financing, there are many options available. We provide a variety of services for both individual and corporate customers looking to lower risk and increase capital lending.
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