I have several commercially viable web based ideas
Posted by: carmel andrews on 9/28/2013 4:53:33 PM
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Business Products & Services
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London, All, All Countries
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An innovative service enabling original product makers/manufacturers a foothold/access to a well-established and lucrative market

2 new forms of buying and selling online and offline (for new and used goods/items and also works for services)

A web based interactive communication service that works on various different types of website

A service that enables web visitors/users the ability to personalize their search results and also personalizing what is displayed on websites they visit

A service that enables web owners to personalize how and what content is displayed on sites that have multiple items etc. on a web page

A community based skills/services exchange service within a social media platform where users can trade their skills or time/services for products and services supplied or provided by other users (both corporate and private users)

A new form of advertising

A community based (online) media service that enables web users to share and create media experiences (online and offline media and across all media, i.e. print, recorded, electronic, web, broadcast etc.) with other users of the service

A series of web tv programmes using a new program format (all programmes adapted from that format) with related website and service
What I Need:
Preferably a web designer/developer seeking new projects to invest in to bring these ideas of mine to the web (for an equal split of thew sales/profits and business), as well as help getting the relevant copyrights/patents

Alternatively an investor that knows of a web designer/developer to work on these projects as an employee and fund development of the services/sites as well as securing the relevant copyrights/patents and create a business around these services as mentioned to sell the services and further develop the services
10/8/2013 12:48:37 PM

Hello Readers

My name is Dr. Sabastian Marcel, i work as a medical doctor and i have been working for Ärzte ohne Grenzen/Doctors Without Border for 4yrs.

i have a business proposal for any one seeking fund for investment into Real Estate or Need to Improve and grow New Business also has an idea on how manage fund/money to reduce the tax, my patient is a female of Middle Eastern decent, l'am not a finance person or business wise person am only a private doctor to this client, and a trusted doctor that she relay her needs and interested trustfully. So i have been asked to help place an Ad privately or find someone who can be trusted for this investment fund. i have a recommendation for Go4funding so am hoping this stands out well for me to find a reliable person to hand over details of proceedings to.

my patient also lack very fluent English, so that why am going help correspond the first few messages. If interested, will can schedule an appointment meeting in person after careful review of your ideas or offer via email, as i will need to print every copy of conversation for my patient to read and grant his reply.

This offer is open for short period starting from October to we find someone we need.

if you are interested please write me an email or call me,if not answer on the phone means am not available but will respond back to E-mail at all time of respected interests and l need more information and details of good real estate or house that good for purchase or investment of amount total €9.8 million euro, or Business idea you have that need funding, or how to manage fund for low tax, or business that is already growing and need partnership funding.
please send me all details of your resume and your proposal of business for investment immediately.

Dr. Sebastian Marcel
Ärzte ohne Grenzen/Médecins Sans Frontières
Taborstraße 10 A-1020 Wien
Tel: +43 (1) 664.47.69.793
Fax: +43 (1) 409.72.79.81
10/17/2013 3:21:26 PM

Hello Carmel,
As the managing partner of Boovy Holdings, your project caught my eye and that of my strategy team. Therefore, I have decided to request your project documentation for review and consideration. If you would like to send the information to me, please do so at

Please note that as a family run private holding company, we work exclusively with project principals. I appreciate your time and look forward to hearing from you.

Charles Boovy
Managing Partner
Boovy Holdings
10/21/2013 7:29:31 AM

Hello there!
My name is Reymund Macabenta, I'm a small time business man in the Philippines and at the same time a classified website developer.

If anyone would like to put up an online advertisement website in your country just contact me.

This kind of business is very nice because all you need is advertisement website flat form and some budget for advertisement at google. If your website gets a lots of customers then thats the time you need to hire a moderator to entertain your customers online.

If you don't have an idea what a classified website is this is how it works. A classified website is a website that accepts advertisers in various categories such as real estate, vehicles, electronics etc. Some classified website accepts free advertisement and also premium advertisers which appears on top of the categories. Premium advertisers pay for their ads.

You may check my classified website now just copy and paste this url to your browser

If you are interested I will setup one for you please email me at or contact me at 639154868244.

If you want to advertise in the Philippnes you may register at my website.

Thanks a lot
12/19/2013 7:30:21 AM

Reader, NO SCAM IN THIS POST ... every business will be handled on table and face to face meeting legally.

Am Looking for Direct Sellers or someone with experience on Investment, Who is Ready to invest fund off book, for a client of mine, she is a respected young female Doctor. l have Directives for the funding, available to fund any amount of investment not larger than €9,850,400.00 to €11,000,000.00 only,that is the only fund ready to be invested n kind of business idea you might have,Now i figure out there is no need going for loan or venturing into any partnership with anyone who might need so much interest return or upfront fees payment from you.

My client is a reliable young woman who wants to invest her late family entrusted fund OFF BOOK. if you think you can handle fund/ manage a business of any kind need funding please send us an email, please include a person phone number so we can speak swiftly on phone.

Please E-mail back directly

l hope to hear from you today.


Hoping For Your Response
Dr.Sabastin Marcel (ad posted associate )
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