Looking for Angel Investor for Faith Based Film
Posted by: Brian Goss on 3/22/2011 11:30:42 AM
Funding Needed:
$100k - $250k
Film / TV / Arts & Entertainment
Location :
McKinney, Texas, USA
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I was called to the film ministry almost 2 years ago. Since that time I have completed my first faith based screenplay. Myself and some friends are in talks to shoot it. We know crew guys and actors and I already have permission on some of the locations we need. Our biggest obstacle now is funding. I don’t have a rich Uncle I can go ask. This is a unique script in that it is a Christian based script but not Christian entertainment. It has cussing and sexuality. The film is about a man coming to Christ and lets face it, someone who isnt saved isn't going to say aw schucks and poop. Lets make a "real" faith based film.
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