Looking for Angel Investor for startup capital
Posted by: Kendra Burgoyne on 11/4/2016 1:29:53 AM
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Real Estate / Construction
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Baxter, USA
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This would be 70+ acres that I would look to purchase in a market that is ever growing. This land is the front door to Baxter. Baxter cannot keep up with the demand for apartment complexes and townhomes. Every time a new facility gets built it fills up instantly. This acreage would give me the space to build a mixture of apartments and townhomes plus be just minutes from local businesses and not feel like you are in the middle of the city. As well as, the local community college just a mile down the road.

On top of that there is room for a gas station on the corner, which is a plus to the tenants and to the local traffic. The gas station would sit on the first controlled intersection on the north bound side of Hwy 371 where all the traffic comes pouring into the city, and intersects with the hwy that brings you to the local middle school. It would be convenient for everyone.

Plus the land gives us room to build a few new food options later down the road. This is something that is needed in the area, as well. The lack of variety is tiresome to the locals. The restaurant or two could be fast food or a sit down, but no matter what it would be a huge hit. The community college and high school are just a mile down the road and would make a great place before or after local sporting events or at lunchtime for all the local businesses.

The land gives us so many possibilities. It will add to the ever growing local economy and this is the perfect time to capitalize on it, while the city is growing at a faster rate every day. I have had this vision for almost a year now and everyone says how insane I am, and this just makes me want to push harder to succeed.

Why do I want to do this? This is not just for me to get wealthy. I want to come out of this fully paying my investor back because I know it will take millions to do. This loan will drive me even more to work harder every day. I do not want a mansion to live in I just want to live well and be able to instill in my children hard work, drive, and ambitiousness. I also have worked at one of the local elementary this last year and never realized the amount of families that cannot afford simple pencils and notebooks for their kids. Even winter clothes, it is heart breaking to see a kid get in trouble for not having the proper clothes, especially when it isn’t the child’s fault. My goal is to give back. I want to be able to put smiles on the children’s faces and see them grateful for the little things. I love children and have a passion for helping. I care so much about our community and in the end I do not want to roll around in my money, but to live decent and help others do the same. My greatest reward in life is giving back. This is a win, win for the community. More housing, more variety of food, and when the profit begins after paying the loan back then it will go right back into the people, the schools, and those wonderful children.

I know that you are a perfect partner, as I see you have apartment building and commercial property on your resume. I need someone to take a leap of faith. I have never been one to disappoint and appreciate the help more then you can imagine. My dream is huge and I know with all my heart I could make it happen. Please help me make it happen!!

What I Need:
11/5/2016 1:43:36 AM

We would love to know more about you proposal. Kindly send us a detail proposal to
11/8/2016 4:08:01 AM

Dear Kendra Burgoyne,

Kindly contact the Principal Investment coordinator/CFO Mr Phommany Khamsing at his email address : for more information, further discussion and negotiation.

All the best,
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