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Posted by: Aladji Hassan on 4/5/2017 12:54:52 PM
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Paris, France
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Hello everyone am a consultant of pacific oil company LTD,i have investors who are looking for a right and trusted partner to work with if you think you can be of good and trusted partner here to invest with some of the investors and they are willing to invest in any good profitable business such as Restaurants,malls ,electronics, wholesale / retail outlets , villas, commercial buildings ,events, commercial lands , hotels , resorts , any running or starting company or business with attractive income generating goals to invest into as a partner in Germany,Turkey, Middle East entire Asia and the world in General UAE , Saudi Arabia , Iran,France,Europe,America ,etc so you can contact me for me details so that i can linked you with any of the investors email
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5/1/2017 5:08:33 PM

Would be interested in learning more, please email me details at
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