Need funding for Publishing book
Posted by: Nicole Sharp on 7/30/2008 5:27:44 PM
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Under $100k
Film / TV / Arts & Entertainment
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Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
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My name is Nicole Sharp and I have a story that needs to be told that could potentially help many teens that are going through the same things that I have been through. I’ve suffered from both anorexia and bulimia, I’ve been addicted to prescription drugs, I have been very heavy into cutting and self-injury, and I have had three deadly overdoses/suicide attempts. What got me through those times was relating to other people who have been through the same thing, and getting advice from people with experience. I am now very much emotionally healthy and I am very dedicated to helping people who are in those same situations that I once was in. All through the times that I was suffering and when I was in treatment, I’ve been writing poetry. I’ve taken 26 of those poems and paired them with short stories about what I’ve been through and what got me through it. I really believe that it can help people because I have seen firsthand how the poetry and advice have helped people I have come across. And I would really like to publish it, but unfortunately there are a lot of costs to publishing a book. First, the cost to publish it, then I need to pay the models and photographer for the illustration, and I need money to market it. Me and my family can not afford it because my mom is unable to work and we are just barley making it by as it is. So, in order to pursue this, I need sponsors that are willing to help me through this as you have helped me get through many other things. A donation of any amount would be greatly appreciated and I would be very proud have people that help so many people, help me help people.

Please respond to me as soon as possible
I greatly appreciate your time.
Thank you.
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