Solar PV Installation Company
Posted by: Mark V on 12/8/2016 11:06:46 AM
Need an Expert:
Under $100k
Energy / Natural Resources
Location :
Charlotte, USA
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Need a business person with capital and local business know how to help startup a Solar PV Installation company in Charlotte, NC.
We will service South and North Carolina
You will need to know how to set up the business regarding permits,licenses,insurance etc.
I can provide the know how to set up all the back end administrative/sales stuff that needs to be done. This includes managing the sales staff and installers which will be sub contracted at first.
You would provide the cash to purchase equipment and get the jobs started. We will also need a small office space to get started with a phone line, computer and desk.

Do not contact me with terms for a loan, I want to work with somebody that wants to help build a business from the bottom up.
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