The Sky is the Limit for this Florida-based Franchise
Posted by: sally mechur on 1/3/2017 2:56:32 PM
Funding Needed:
Above $1mil
Sports / Gaming & Entertainment
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Business Description:
The company is the creator of the world’s first all-trampoline, walled playing court in 2002. The patented wall-to-wall courts open up a whole new dimension on FUN fitness. In 2015, Inc. Magazine noted that the company was the 2nd fastest growing franchise in America. Franchise operators benefit from a global marketing and sales program and they also have the opportunity to learn from existing franchises to help them grow the Company’s brand in their own community.

The mission is to provide the most effective combination of Fun and fitness and create an experience that people can successfully participate in regardless of age, size, or physical ability. With this offering, the sky is the limit!

The Principal has operated a chain of fast food restaurants for several years and he and his partners are looking to adapt one of them into a franchise in Plantation, Florida. He has met with the franchise team and is ready to enter into the market with a big bounce!

Unique Value Proposition:
Investors will benefit from being part of one of the fastest growing franchises and a proven commodity with more than 12 years’ experience.

The management team intends to make full use of the various marketing tools that are available from the home office. The pre-opening marketing and branding in the community has already begun. As funding is in place and construction begins, the social media campaign will be ramped up to help create a pre-opening buzz. It is anticipated that, due to the younger age of the target market, the use of social media and broadcast media will feature much more prominently than will the use of print ads. Fliers and coupons will be distributed to local businesses, schools and other gathering points. Once the facility is opened, it is anticipated that word-of-mouth marketing will also prove quite effective.

Key Risk Factors:
The initial risk for the Company will come from creating a pre-opening buzz in the community. Given that there are competitors in the market (although most are more than 20 minutes away from Plantation) the second area of risk will be to demonstrate the benefits of the facility.

Exit Strategy:
The management team is looking for a maximum investment of $3.3 Million. The team is ready to get underway and anticipates that the facility can be open in a matter of a few months following funding. As soon as the facility is producing a profit, the team intends to begin repaying all investors. The specific terms of the Return will be negotiated at the time of investment, and the CEO anticipates being able to fully repay all investors by the end of the fifth year in operation. It is possible that a few investors will choose the possibility of retaining an equity position in the on-going operations.

Recreation / Fitness

Year 1 Projection: $4,000,000
Year 2 Projection: $4,200,000
Year 3 Projection: $4,410,000

Financing Sought
$3.3 Million

Use of Proceeds
Funds will be utilized to secure the location for the operation and to complete the necessary build out. Additional funds will be utilized to cover a portion of the initial operating expenses.

Additional Documents Available
Business Plan, Executive Summary, Franchise Information
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