Getting A New Business License
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New business owners and home based small business owners need to get several new business licenses before they can get the business up and running.

Some of the common new business licenses that owners need to get include a business license, fire department permit, air and water pollution control permit, sign permit, county permit, sales tax license and health department permit. Without many of these new business licenses, the business cannot be started.

One of the most crucial new business licenses that entrepreneurs need to ensure that they obtain is the business license. A business license grants the individual a right to operate a business within a specified area. The new business license needs to be filed with the city planning or zoning department.

Before applying for new business licenses, especially home based businesses, entrepreneurs need to check the zoning requirements in the region. Residential neighborhoods tend to have strict zoning regulations preventing business use of the home. However, owners can get a variance or a condition use permit instead of some of the new business licenses.

Fire department permit is one of the most important of the new business license that owners need to apply for. Some cities will not allow owners to apply for other business licenses and to set up operations until the fire permit is approved. Other cities do not require permits but simply schedule periodic inspections of businesses to see if they meet fire safety regulations.

Another crucial permit in the list of new business licenses that need to be obtained is the air and water pollution control permit. New business licenses applying for this permit need to check with State environmental agencies before they start any construction work.

State licenses are crucial in the new business licenses package. Before issuing many of the new business licenses, some states will require the owner to get licensing for auto mechanics, plumbers, and electricians, building contractors, collection agents, insurance agents, real estate brokers and repossessors.

The federal license is not a new business license that a lot of owners need to worry too much about. However, some businesses working in the area of radio, television and metal processing require clearance from federal licenses.

New business owners need to do research and find out all the new business licenses that they need before they set up the business. If they fall short of any of the essential new business licenses, they could be asked to shut down. So before setting up a new business, owners need to check on all the new business licenses that they need clearance from.

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