Methods To Find Funding For Your New Business
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One of the most difficult things a prospective entrepreneur may encounter is raising the desired capital for their new business. Some careful research on funding opportunities will present several different options that may be beneficial for a new business owner’s unique situation.

Family and friends
Asking family and friends for financial assistance is one easy way in which a new entrepreneur can raise capital rather quickly. Often times, family and friends are very enthusiastic about the new business and can also provide much needed emotional support during the grueling process of entrepreneurship. While they may provide immediate funding, the borrowed capital is often not enough to cover all startup costs. Relationship problems can also occur between all parties involved because of the new venture.

Angel investors
Angel investors, on the other hand, are a much more effective way to raise capital. Since they offer a larger amount of money, the borrowed funds can certainly fill the needed startup equity gap. However, the entrepreneur should be ready to provide the angel investor with a percentage stake in ownership, company stock options, and a large return on investment when finalizing the deal. If a new business owner does not want to give up complete ownership of their company, then obtaining angel capital may not be the right option for them.

Bank loans
Bank loans also provide a new business owner with another means of raising business capital. A major requirement for obtaining most bank loans is having a good credit history since it gives the financial lenders a better idea of one’s ability to responsibly pay off debt. Another key requirement of most banks is the entrepreneur’s business plan, which will reflect the products and services offered and the overall company mission statement. The business plan should also include financial predictions since it will show lenders that the company will be able to generate enough cash to make loan payments. Every bank may have different requirements; however, with decent credit (and possibly a co-signer) and a solid business plan, an entrepreneur may be able to secure a small business bank loan.

There are different ways in which an entrepreneur can obtain startup capital for their new business. They can start by asking family members and friends for financial support. They can also go about raising capital in a more formal manner by seeking the help of an angel investor or visiting the local bank for a small business loan. While each option offers different advantages and disadvantages, it is always a wise idea to treat every prospective lender as a business professional by planning with them the repayment time frame and interest rate. The key to any of the above methods to find funding is to have a well-written business plan, which will prove that the entrepreneur is serious about his/her new business.

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