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Investment needed to expand existing Magazine, Radio and Publishing endeavor
I am seeking an investor who would be willing to invest in the expansion of our company. The funds will primarily be utilized for marketing and expansion of our existing efforts, which would fall neatly into the "intellectual pr...
Investment Opportunity Investment OpportunityFilm / TV / Arts & Entertainment Film / TV / Arts & Entertainment
3000 Subscriber Club High GP Seeks Capital for CPA Marketing
3,000 Members, monthly billing- high GP seeks capital for new customer acquisition. New customers provided by agreements with 3 sales/ marketing companies. These CPA (cost-per-acquisition) deals provide fixed cost customer acqui...
Investment Opportunity Investment OpportunityConsumer Products & Services  Consumer Products & Services
Small lucrative Gold Mining Project with experienced legitimate management
A small experienced mining team have secured a small but lucrative site in Ecuador. The site has had $775,000 of research completed on it, and world recognised mining consultants SRK have completed the due diligence. The financial...
Investment Opportunity Investment OpportunityManufacturing & Production Manufacturing & Production
Looking for an Angel investor
We have 95,000 kits that assist legal residents on becoming citizens. It also teaches them simple English. All are in storage in Orlando. We own them 100%. We have an LOI from a national corp. for ALL the 95,000 kits IF we add 36 ...
Investment Opportunity Investment OpportunityRetail / Distribution Retail / Distribution
Investor for Aquaponics farm
I have acquired close to 10 acres of Farm Land (formally a palm plantation) in southern Nigeria and now seeking assistance with funding for implementation. There is currently a pyridine shift by the Nigerian government from oil as...
Investment Opportunity Investment OpportunityAgriculture & Fishery Agriculture & Fishery
Seeking investors/partners in an Ammunition Components Company
Initially we will only making brass cases and selling them manufactures around the world. The company is set up with ATF permits, a business license, and has negotiated local and state incentives. Negotiations for additional inc...
Investment Opportunity Investment OpportunityManufacturing & Production Manufacturing & Production
a niche in Bulgarian industry
New services in agricultural, transport, tourist and other industries in Bulgaria. Light aviation and helicopter services. Bulgaria is the only country in South-East Europe, which almost does not offer them. According to the prepa...
Investment Opportunity Investment OpportunityTravel / Transportation Travel / Transportation
Lao concession needs 20 billions US$ to build 200 Dams , SEZ and new cities .
I live in Bangkok and 4 years work in Lao for business seminars . With a good connections , I have been requested by the officials to seek international funds for many huge projects . I deal directly with the officials , so all do...
Investment Opportunity Investment OpportunityReal Estate / Construction Real Estate / Construction
Looking for Investors
I am the Corporate Executive for an Energy Group; we specialize in oil and gas. We work with oil wells that are currently producing and we rebuild the wells with state of the art technology to maximize output. We are seeking inves...
Investment Opportunity Investment OpportunityEnergy / Natural Resources  Energy / Natural Resources
looking for EB5 Money, we give an addition principal protection on the money!
Seeking EB5 money for Idaho, we have numerous projects ready to go ranging from 4 million to 100 million. We can create 10 jobs per million. We believe we have the best protection for the investor and the job creations for EB5. I...
Investment Opportunity Investment OpportunityReal Estate / Construction Real Estate / Construction
Food-tech Startup - Revolutionizing Online Food Ordering
The company is an online marketplace for home cooked food. Since our launch less than a month ago, over 450 people signed up to buy or sell their home food. Our team is composed of former management consultants, investment banke...
Investment Opportunity Investment OpportunitySoftware / Computers  Software / Computers
Looking for angel investor for start up capital for a NEXT LEVEL networking site
What is the most important thing to you? Family,Kids,Animals.Well your missing one thing Time!!.Time can not replaced but it can be saved. I based my sites on time because there is never enough time in a day, but if you can make t...
Investment Opportunity Investment OpportunityMedia / Communication & Networking Media / Communication & Networking