Publishing company needs funding
Posted by: Mark Sohmer on 8/3/2010 10:50:32 AM
Funding Needed:
Under $100k
Retail / Distribution
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Location :
San Jacinto, California, USA
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We have just produced 2 new books that have been averaging a remarkable 40 to 50 percent "Sell on Sight" sales record, and 60 to 80% interest to purchase the product which is a remarkably high percentage rate for book sales. This is not unusual for the “Right timing” and content of the product. These books have proven themselves to hold a very successful future. We need to make upgrades to our printing department to lower our costs from about $5.75 a book to about $2.60 a book. We are looking for an investor to help us increase production and lower costs. To get these books out into every bookstore and Library in the U.S. and also worldwide marketing and distribution which would be $25,000.00.
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